Thanks so much for this articles they resonate with me !

One thing I’d add about the toxicity:

1) Lots of blaming 2) Lots of complaining. 3) See your credits taken away from you

When the culture is toxic everything might seem like a competition and everyone scrambles to take as much space and credit as possible.

Another point of no regret : getting fired ! Yep I have been fired “without a cause” (dixit the CEO from the aforementioned toxic company) once but my next job was so rewarding and fulfilling. It tough me that in business everything can stop in a matter of minutes even when you least expect it. It doesn’t matter how hard you work. It doesn’t matter how friendly everyone seems to be around you or how many more clients you bring. Therefore don’t overdo it: be yourself and contribute as much as YOU want.

Mechanical engineer who wants to help the planet. Vegan & international, living in Montreal. Here are things that matter to me. Je suis française !