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  • Taru Anniina Liikanen

    Taru Anniina Liikanen

    Finnish by birth, porteña at heart. Recovering political ghostwriter. Bad jokes my own.

  • Aparna Jain

    Aparna Jain

    Software Engineer of 12 years. I write about a life I want to be proud of when I die.

  • Lisa Martens

    Lisa Martens

    Like my posts, love my books, free on kofi: Unique posts on my website starting July 2022:

  • Gray Miller

    Gray Miller

    Gray is a former Marine dancer grandpa visualist who writes to help adults figure out what they want to be when they grow up.

  • Philip Mann-Montreal

    Philip Mann-Montreal

    I’m opinionated, obtuse, off-center and sometimes obscene, I’ve also written a book called Dark Muse an original genre.

  • Susie Antonia

    Susie Antonia

    Susie Antonia. Educator. Avid storyteller. Parent. Artist. Photographer. Susie believes children are our future heroes.

  • Sandra Michelle

    Sandra Michelle

    Law Graduate in Sydney. Encouraging new perspectives. Writer for Better Marketing, P.S I Love You, The Ascent & Mind Cafe. Top Writer in Love & Self Improvement

  • William Scott

    William Scott

    I write. I overcome adversity. I meditate. I eat plants. I watch Star Trek. I hike. I wander. I cry. I make my own bread. I innovate. I question. I debate.

  • Fabio


    I am an Italian guy who loves to look around and write about everything that happens in this crazy world. 🇮🇹 ✍️ #Crypto #Communication #Writer #IcelandGuide

  • Kerala Taylor

    Kerala Taylor

    Writing about the world we’ve lost and the world we’ve never had. Standing at the 4-way intersection of motherhood, work, race, and climate change.

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