Do You Really Need an Electric Car?

We don’t need more cars on the road, we need to rethink our mobility system instead.


What if there was another way to reduce everyone’s emissions by breaking out of the traditional car ownership model?

In it in automakers’ best interests to keep our traditional habits of owning one or multiple cars per household. It doesn’t matter to them if the cars you are choosing to drive are electric or not, as long as they can sell you goods, and resale them to you a few years later once that car has broken down or you want a change. The cycle of consumerism is never ending. On that, Elon Musk famously declared that public transit was “a pain in the ass” showing a rather egocentric vision of mobility.

Mechanical engineer who wants to help the planet. Vegan & international, living in Montreal. Here are things that matter to me. Je suis française !

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