On le sait, le 1er juillet à Montréal est une journée de déménagement. Celles et ceux d’entres nous qui, par chance, ne déménagent pas cette année-là, ont toujours une petite pensée empathique pour les autres qui, sous un soleil de plomb, devront écoper les allers-retours entre maisonnées pour porter à bras nus laveuses, réfrigérateurs et autres « merveilles » technologiques.

Pour ma part, déménager vers une nouvelle maison, un nouveau quartier, et peut-être même une autre ville est un symbole de renouveau qui a grandement bénéficié à mes habitudes de vie personnelle. Les recherches sur le sujet des sciences comportementales…

A self-discovery

Epic picture taken from my friend E. during my one and only backcountry camping trip at the Strathcona National Park

My first experience sleeping in a tent was when I was 8 or 9 years old. We lived in a remote village in the French Alps, and my parents had purchased an old sheepfold in the mountain built at least 200 years ago. As my parents spent most of their free time renovating the main part of the house, they set up a large tent for us four kids, my three brothers and I.

I remember the feeling of safety brought by the tarp surrounding us, conversations with my brothers before falling asleep that felt like they were long into…

I have had that distinct thought in the back of my mind throughout my time in university studying mechanical engineering. The program I was in was at least 40 years old. In 40 years, it is quite certain that many changes were made to the curriculum. But I was surprised to observe that none of my lectures, in a 5-year program supposedly designed to prepare its students to tackle 21st-century challenges, dived into the massive disruptions hanging over every living creature on this Earth: I am talking about the impacts of climate change , of course.

I noticed a trend…

Fresh out of university, armed with a shiny new degree in my back pocket I was ready to get to work. Finally ! It sounded like such a stepping stone in the process of adulting. Earning enough of an income to get an apartment on my own and buy new work clothes, Yay! Little did I know back then that these next few years were going to challenge my self-esteem and my views on what it meant to be in the workplace. Here are some of the lessons I learned.

From Unsplash.com, pic by Scott Graham

Beware of those who seem “overly popular”

Alright this one…

Image from Indi Palmer (unsplash.com)

On sait tous que cette fin d’année aura un aspect amèrement spécial, car nous devrons nous en tenir à quelques repas de fête bien choisis pour respecter les mesures sanitaires mises en place. Cela étant dit, même en petit comité, si ta famille est du genre à servir de la dinde farcie ou de la raclette bien laitière et que tu t’es récemment joint au cercle des végés, il y a des chances pour que ton choix d’alimentation monopolise les conversations autour de la table. …

We don’t need more cars on the road, we need to rethink our mobility system instead.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Xbh_OGLRfUM

When Elon Mulk and team came up with the first Tesla model, the Roadster, the entire world was watching. This model showed unprecedented ranges of up to 394 km, and due to its electric drivetrain, was able to achieve impressive accelerations. The only hiccup was its price of $109,000 making it a luxury car.

Since then, the price of electric cars have been continuously declining, the cheapest electric car available today in Canada being the Volkswagen e-Golf and the Nissan Leaf.

With an economy…

I see the number of smart brains dedicated to create autonomous vehicles. The biggest arguments I hear behind the billions spent in this development that it will supposidly make travel safer once all vehicles are autonomous.

Meanwhile the Earth is on fire. People are getting poorer which means it’s a lot more difficult to afford cars. Even if these vehicles are going to be electric some days a lot of current development is done on regular gasoline cars. Ford, GM and other automotive makers are starting to sell the dream that eventually one day you are going to need a…

I left my town of Victoria, British Columbia, to follow a childhood dream of mine to conquer the east of Canada and more particularly: Montréal.

Picture of me at the mural fest checking if the paint is dry — 2018

I have been living there for the past 2.5 years and must say I don’t regret moving here one bit. This City has been welcoming and full of opportunities.

Here are a few things I love about Montréal and that you may want to consider if you want to move there.

1 — Its diversity

The first neighborhood I lived in was Côte des Neiges for two years. It is home of two universities, a busy center road with…

My background is quite unique: I had the chance to work on automotive fuel cells research and development, and battery electric buses integration projects. Being exposed to both worlds, I found it interesting how there seems to be a constant battle between hydrogen believers — and hydrogen skeptics (Elon Musk famously spoke to the later).

Through my work experience, I see the immense potentials of both technologies in reducing transportation emissions in North America— though I believe hydrogen fuel cells will become the dominant solution to electrify heavy duty transportation in the next decades.

A common comment we hear in…

I was 19 years old when I first set foot in British Colombia, Canada from my village in the South of France. My English at the time was highly questionable, and the only fact I knew about the city I was moving into was that it hosted a parliament house. I honestly didn’t even know I was going to live on a big Island…

6am, camping in front of Kennedy Lake (the largest Lake on Vancouver Island)

Here is a list of my top picks activities I experienced while being an international student in Victoria BC which were defining adventures in my love story with Canada, which may inspire you to come check…

Ana Lévy

Mechanical engineer who wants to help the planet. Vegan & international, living in Montreal. Here are things that matter to me. Je suis française !

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